Singapore-based OCBC bank recently developed an in-house mobile application giving employees a holistic HR resource center. As this rolls out, such practices are getting high visibility in many other companies. In Asia, where HR practices in some countries are still relatively nascent, there is a significant opportunity for progressing directly towards a more digital HR.

Our system is a next generation smart learning service is to help human resources learn the necessary training and knowledge online contents on a single learning platform at the right moment. It presents a new paradigm of corporate education system and work place learning without interruption.


Secured LMS

– Muti Language LMS (Vietnamese/English/Korean)

– Payment System

– PC/Mobile Learning

Korean Vietnam Support System

– Korean – Vietnam Support Team

– Localized Korean Best Seller Contents in Vietnamese and Porting

Multi Language Operation Support

– Multi Language Customer Support (Vietnamese/Korean/ English)

– Well-trained CS Agents Regular Operation Reports

“Standardized Operation Process"


Education Proposal

– Customer Consultation

– Customer Base-Survey

– Customer Needs Survey

– Proposal and Consultation

Course Design

– Setting Learning Goals

– Main Course Design

– Teaching Strategy Development

– Materials Development

– Assessment Planning and Tool Development

Follow-up Management

– Analysis and Reporting Survey Results

– Identifying Improvements in Education

– Actual-work Application Assessment

– Proposal Training Plan for Next Year

Conduct Training

– Drawing Up Operational Plan

– Preparing for Education (Material and Place)

– Performing Training

– Pre & Post Assessment

– Satisfaction Assessment and Training Sum-up