AMBER ACADEMY with its Global Partners in the global arena a successful business so that it can perform a “global capabilities” partners decided to become. Beyond the basic language barriers, we develop and provide more than 100 global expert training programs to understand global standards, cultivate cross-cultural competencies, strengthen global job competencies and foster global leadership . In addition , we will be a solid partner of global growth and success for our customers by considering the solutions to various problems predicted in the global business environment and by providing trends and knowledge about the rapidly changing global business environment . We are committed to fulfilling the world’s best professionalism and customer-oriented spirit without forgetting our customers ‘ Global Success .

Core Values
& Identity

We are moving toward our reason for existence and ultimate goal.



Transpatency & Communication

Transcending beyound ‘me’ through transparency & become a larger ‘one’ through openess.




Growing ME, The Clients & The Society. Driving me and the world to grow with me.



Knowledge Base, Best Value Creation Company

High Performace. High Standard. High Satisfaction.

The Core
Values of

1 Spirit! The best spirit

Creating the best workplace and creating the best life through the best contents and services

1 Goal! The reason for our existence is our customers!

Our actions and judgments are always toward customers like the Polaris, and all our values come from our customers.

1 Team! Grow through teams

Teamwork is based on consideration and active involvement of others.We get out of me as individuals through teamwork and realize bigger and bigger us.